Friday, April 15, 2011

First Post Ever

Okay, so I finally made a blog. I am so far behind other photographers in marketing its sad, and funny. I highly doubt my blog will ever be featured on Yahoo or some other big news site, but I thought to myself this could be a much needed diary for me. So it begins like this...

This month I met a crazy fabulous jewelry designer named Sarah. Her line is called Sarah Swell Jewelry, and its defiantly swell. I love her edgy, yet easy chic designs. Every piece is unique and anyone can rock it. I had a great time shooting the fall collection with professional model Marissa A in the San Joaquin Hills. Highlights were seeing a 20th century pyramid in the park and Marissa's lips turning blue.
Here is a behind the scenes peak of the shoot. Muah


  1. Beautiful of course :) marissa is amazing and loveeeee the jewelry!

  2. Love that you have this now :) amazing photos Audre!