Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ok Moms, Aunts & Grandmas, your gonna love this. 
So early this year I met one of the most beautiful models I've honestly ever seen. 
She was blonde, blue eyed, had a gap between her front teeth and was the sweetest young girl I've
ever met. Our testshoot went well and during so I also met her really cool mother, Lindsey who
just so happens to create these ADORABLE hipster like bibs. The San Francisco based
Bibana bibs come in different sizes and fabrics (not to mention the fabric is soft and baby cautious). 

Lindsey sent me a pair of two and right when I put them on my son I JUST had to do a photoshoot. To my amazement, and I know I'm about to sound like every other mom, but my Micah loved the camera and was giggling and drooling the whole time...Maybe we have the next baby supermodel? 
You be the judge : )  and make sure you pick one of these bibs up on Etsy ; )

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  1. I love it!! thanks so much for the great write up Audre, and Micah is the cutest!! xoxoxoxox.....Lindsey