Monday, February 27, 2012

Up Against the Wall


If you didnt already know, I got a crazy awesome studio in Downtown San Jose near beautiful Japantown.
I am not new to having a personal studio space but this particular studio is mine all to myself and the first time
I've ever officially leased something. I feel like such a grown up in my 1,000 sq ft. space.

Although I've personally been going through alot I keep reminding myself that I can't run away from my
pain and problems. My studio had become like a safe haven and recently when that area was challenged, I
realized that dealing with trials is a state of mind. I know I can't rely on my own understanding or
strength to get through some issues so my Mom had me do something pretty cool to the walls while
we were painting yesterday. She told me to paint the words you want God to provide for this space.
At first I was like "Um ok", but then when I started doing it I realized "Yes, this is what I need".

Thanks Mom for always being there for this starving artist. And special thanks to my son Micah
for being a good boy yesterday even though being bored out of his mind.

Before & After pics of my studio coming soon...

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